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Delivery & Set-Up

Cape Cod Delivery – In Action

Our Cape Cod house comes in two pieces which are craned onto a foundation on site. Our crew then ensures the two pieces are level, and fully unfolds and pitches the roof. Because the peak is too tall for transport, the roof must be folded down during travel and then unhinged on-site to reach full peak. We then finish the outside with siding and install any dormers.

When you purchase a Manufactured or Modular home from us, it arrives on site in either one or two pieces. This is an exciting time to watch your house become your home! There are a few things that you may be wondering about this process, and we have some information for you! 

Why Does My Home Come In Two Pieces?

If your home is a double wide, it will be transported in two pieces with travel or ‘mate’ walls down the interior side of the home. This is to ensure that your house stays in the best condition during its travel. Once the two pieces are placed onto your foundation, they are joined together and the mate walls are removed.

What Are The Other Steps Involved With Set-Up?

  • The home owner is responsible for coordinating Hydro as soon as possible. A scheduler from Gordon’s will call the home owner to ensure Hydro is being dealt with and ask for a time line. Hydro and temperature power are required for drywall.
  • Drywall finish begins after exterior is set up and there is power to the house. This will roughly take five to seven days.
  • Our drywall expert will coordinate with our floor installer, who will go in immediately after drywall is done. it will take one to five days for floors to be installed.
  • Our interior crew goes in and installs trims, daps, fills, levels and squares doors and windows. They will also check cabinetry, and make sure everything is turnkey. This step will take one to four days.
  • Interior crew cleans the home after confirming everything is up to our standards. This step will take one day.
  • Once everything is completed, a member of our Sales Team will do a final walk through with you to make sure everything is how you want it to be. At that point, you will receive your keys and be ready to move into your new home.

How Long After Delivery Before Occupancy?

We strive to ensure your home is livable within approximately three weeks of the home arriving. Our exterior set-up crew will arrive on-site when your home is delivered. We will block and level, remove mate/travel walls, raise the roof, install trusses, install gaskets, bolt the house together, side gable ends and move interior items sent with home to the appropriate areas. This step generally takes two to five days.

What Is Home Owner Responsible For During Set-Up?

The Home Owner needs to coordinate hydro as soon as possible to ensure the remainder of your set-up can stay on schedule. A scheduler from our team will contact you to ensure Hydro is being dealt with and will further coordinate the remainder of our set-up crew.

 Hydro is required for drywall and only the home owner can coordinate this.

Concrete Strip Foundation

Listed below are examples of a foundation for a Z240 home, or a Manufactured home. This involves concrete strips and back-filled gravel. We will provide you with a blocking diagram as part of your house plans which will show where on the strips we will place concrete blocks that your home will sit on. 

We include Delivery & Set-Up between Sooke & Campbell River – Including Port Alberni.

Do you live outside of our delivery area? There may be extra costs associated with the delivery of your home that you should be aware of.

Sunshine Coast or Gulf Islands
  • Cost for a barge and/or crane if required
  • Cost for set-up crew to take ferry
  • Cost for set up crew staying overnight if required
  • Cost of delivery truck going on ferry and the return
  • Additional trucking costs
Vancouver Island - Outside of Delivery Area
  • Cost for crane if required – from their location to your home and back
  • Cost for set-up crew staying overnight if required
  • Additional trucking costs

How Do I Get Started?


Drop By

We encourage you to visit us and view the unique show homes featured on our lot currently. This will also allow you the opportunity to ask our sales team any questions you have, and to look through our many floor plans and design options.

Book Appointment

Once you have decided on a floor plan that works for you and your site, the next step is to schedule an appointment with one of our sales team to start building your house! We will go over what is needed for site preparations, choose your colours and design options, and make any structural changes or upgrades needed.



Once you have worked with our sales and design team to build your house, we will send your plans into the factory to be confirmed. Once any revisions are sent back, and you have fully approved your order, our sales manager will create your contract and your house will be ordered! 

More Questions?

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