Carriage Homes & Laneway Housing

What is the difference between Laneway & Carriage Homes?

Laneway and Carriage homes share many similarities, and some differences.

These homes are incredibly affordable and suit a variety of needs, from additional income to a downsized space for relatives. Secondary suites offer great opportunities to add value to a property, and are the perfect rental space or in-law suite.

The main difference between the two formats of housing is how they are orientated on your property.

Carriage House – Traditionally, a ‘carriage house’ was a building used as a stable, or storage for carriages in 19th Century England. These buildings have now been converted to provide residential housing with storage or a garage underneath. These homes typically feature different architecture and design finishes throughout construction as they were used for different purposes than they are today.

Presently, new construction of a carriage house utilizes the space of both a garage and a suite, while maintaining modern building practices and design.

Laneway House – The term ‘laneway house’ means a form of detached secondary suite that is typically built onto a pre-existing lot, opening onto a back lane. These homes are usually built on ground level, and would generally be built where a garage would be.

In a nutshell – both of these terms are used for a secondary suite on your property, and are primarily only defined by the location in which they are built. We offer one style of detached suite that can easily used in either format. Whether this means a ground level unit installed onto a foundation, a unit craned onto an existing garage or building, or a garage/building that we site build to fit the size and layout of a unit that is craned on, we have the capabilities to provide you with an affordable, efficient and easy solution.  

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We can work within any size requirement you may have for your property. If you have a custom layout in mind for your carriage or laneway house, please let us know and we are happy to work with this!

We can help to design a style that fits your size and your needs.