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Frequently Asked Questions

The Manufactured Housing Association of British Columbia offers a wide selection of additional information in regards to Modular and Manufactured homes. We encourage you to visit their website to learn more about the building process.

Site Preparation

What do I need to do to prepare my site for delivery of my new house?

Your site needs to be fully serviced and prepared for your new home to be delivered and placed on site. This means your site needs to be cleared and leveled; fully serviced for power, sewer or septic, and water; a foundation built (concrete pad, concrete strips and gravel, crawlspace or basement), and any storm drains if necessary.

Is there a company you suggest to assist with preparing my site?

Gordon’s Homes Sales can provide full turn-key pricing for your home. Ecklundson Construction, who has over 4 decades of experience in residential, commercial and civil construction. With this knowledge and experience, it allows us to fully prepare your site for your new home, and ensure this is completed in time for delivery. This is a unique partnership that aims to remove the stress and time involved with building a new house, by providing you with a one-stop-shop experience.

What kind of foundation do I need to provide?

The foundation you will need is dependent on the type of home you are choosing.

 Z240 Homes are built on a Metal frame, and can be driven onto your site and delivered from a truck. These homes need to go onto a Cement Strip Footings, Engineered Pads or Compacted Gravel. Concrete blocks are used approx. ever 8′ along the length of the frame to support the home. Tie downs are installed by using wire rope that attaches into the concrete with rebar or anchors that have been installed into the ground. This home is then skirted and requires steps or decks. 


A277 Homes are built on a wood frame. Your site would need to be excavated to create a crawlspace or basement. Concrete is formed and a center support wall is built and secured to footings, and sill plates are secured to perimeter foundation by anchor bolts. The home is then craned onto the crawlspace or basement, and is bolted together and secured to sill plates. 


Costs & Delivery

What does the base price include?

Our base prices include:


– Delivery and Set-Up of your home within the region of Sooke to Campbell River, and Port Alberni

– Free Site Inspection, Advice on Site Preparation and assistance with design and planning

– 10 Year Structural Warranty, and one year free home insurance


What are some additional costs that may be involved with purchasing a new home?

Our base prices do not include the following costs that may be associated with your new home:

– Building and Re-Locating permit fees

– Site Preparation including foundation, excavation,    fill, storm drains, etc.

– Exterior Plumbing including crossovers,                    connections from incoming water and sewer, and      pressure checking the system

– Gutters and Downspouts

– Decks, Steps, Porches, Garages and Skirting if          required

– Electrical, Hydro Hookups, Additional Hydro Poles,    Exterior Lights, Additional Conduit 

– Extra transport costs if you are outside of local          delivery area (For example, barge costs to any of      the Gulf Islands or Sunshine Coast), or any extra      costs if your site is not easily accessible. 

– Any crane costs associated with your home



Do I need to be paying for a barge or for a crane?

If your house is requiring a barge or a crane as part of the delivery process, this would be an extra cost associated with your home. 

We are able to access all of the Southern and Northern Gulf Islands as long as there is current barge or ferry access. 


How long will it take from the time I order a house to the time I am living in the house?

Once your order is confirmed by the factory, your home can be delivered to your site within 16 weeks, however this is dependent on production times at the factory. Once the home is delivered to your site, you can expect to gain occupancy within another 4 – 6 weeks. This timeline is also highly dependent on the preparation of your site, and your utility hook ups. 


What kind of materials do you use?

All of our homes are built with high quality materials and would be relative to any site-built home. Each home features a long list of standard materials, however some of those items would be:

OSB and Plywood Tongue & Groove Flooring, OSB sheeting for walls and roofing, ABS piping for plumbing, 2×6 exterior walls, R-22 Insulation, taped & mudded painted drywall, Vinyl or Hardie Plank siding. Please note that some of these items may be an additional cost to upgrade. 



We encourage you to come in to visit our show homes and learn more about what these homes are made of. 


What do the homes come with?

Your home is going to come fully finished with painted drywall, shingles, exterior and interior trim and moulding, exterior siding and fascia, all exterior and interior taps and light fixtures, exterior and interior doors and windows, flooring, counter tops, and cabinets, and are all roughed-in for a washer and dryer.

In a Manufactured home, your kitchen will come with a fridge and stove. A Modular home does not include any appliances. 


What if I like a floor plan but want to make changes, such as making a room bigger, moving doors and windows, or flipping a floor plan to fit the orientation of my site?

We offer almost 100 unique floor plans and each of these can be customized to suit your needs and your site. If you wish to move doors, walls or windows, this is no problem – as long as this does not affect the integrity of the structure of the home. We can move bedrooms, delete bathrooms, or completely mirror a floor plan to suit your lot. The possibilities are truly endless and we love creating a new and unique home!! 

Additional doors, windows, skylights, light fixtures, or counters will be additional costs. Our design team will work with you throughout this process and provide pricing for you along the way.

Do I have to use your appliances and materials, or can I provide my own?

SRI Canada and Gordon’s Homes have worked together to provide a large range of design options to suit everyone’s personal style – however we may not have everything you have in mind, and that’s not a problem! 

If you would prefer to provide your own kitchen appliances, you would receive a credited amount off of your home price to reflect the deletion of that item. 

This would be the same for other materials such as flooring or paint. You would receive a credited amount off of your home price, and the factory would ensure that your home is still built to allow after-market installations upon delivery.

For example – if you prefer a different style of flooring, the factory would still build the home with the plywood flooring, and your chosen flooring would then be installed on site after your house is set up and delivered. Same would go with appliances – we would ensure your home is plumbed or wired for those appliances, and that your chosen appliances would fit the dimensions of those spaces. 


There are some items that cannot be deleted – someone from our Design team would be happy to inform you of which items these would include.


What kind of building codes are the homes built to?

Our homes are built to the CSA Standard Ratings – Codes Z240, A277 and Z241. 

These homes will meet all BC Building standards for your region.


Where are the homes built?

All of our homes are built at the SRI Factory in Winfield, just outside of Kelowna, B.C.

Why are Modular or Manufactured homes a better option compared to a site-built home?

There are many reasons why a Manufactured or Modular home is a more affordable or reliable choice compared to a site built home. 

For instance:

 – Our homes are fully built indoors, which means you will never have to worry about how our climate will affect the longevity of your home. Especially due to our wet climate, site-built homes often see issues over the long term due to its effect on the materials used. This can result in costly repairs and stress! With a factory-built home, this is never a concern as the materials are stored in a dry, temperature controlled space, and your home is fully built indoors. 

– Because our homes are built in an assembly line factory, we can guarantee a delivery date for your house. This means you don’t have to worry about the schedule being pushed back due to weather or trade coordination. 

– We offer a locked in price, which means you will never go over your budget, or be met with surprises when moving into your home. We provide a contract that maintains a confirmed price from our factory, so you know exactly where your money is going. 

– Our homes are affordable due to the partnership we have created with SRI Canada, and the materials we use. SRI Canada has worked hard to provide high quality materials for an affordable price, and as such we are not as affected in fluctuating materials cost like a local contractor may be. We offer set prices that are not going to increase as your house is being built.


What are some upgrade options that are available?

There are truly no limits to what you can do with these homes, and we do our best to provide many options to suit everyone’s needs. 

Design Upgrades could include vinyl plank or laminate flooring, natural wood cabinet doors, long handle brushed nickel cabinet pulls, etched glass pantry and front exterior doors, beveled or rounded counter edges, hardie plank siding, and upgraded appliances to gas ranges and double door refrigerators. 

Structural Upgrades could include additional gables, dormers, shutters, garden or patio doors, porches, bay windows, skylights, and much more!


What kind of Insurance is Available for my home?

When you purchase a new home from SRI, your first year of Homeowner’s Insurance is paid for by SRI Homes. Your application will be completed by Gordon’s Homes and will be submitted to PAL Insurance Brokers Canada to activate your policy on your new home. 

After your first year, SRI customers are offered up to 50% in discounts to renew through PAL Insurance Brokers. 


The All Risk Policy covers building, outbuildings, and personal property against losses at replacement cost. 

This policy also includes:

– Fire

– Sewer Backup

– Accidental Death Protection

– Hail / Windstorm

– $2,000,000 Comprehensive Personal Liability Coverage


Additional coverage can be purchased. 


How Do I Get Started?


Drop By

We encourage you to visit us and view the unique show homes featured on our lot currently. This will also allow you the opportunity to ask our sales team any questions you have, and to look through our many floor plans and design options.

Book Appointment

Once you have decided on a floor plan that works for you and your site, the next step is to schedule an appointment with one of our sales team to start building your house! We will go over what is needed for site preparations, choose your colours and design options, and make any structural changes or upgrades needed.



Once you have worked with our sales and design team to build your house, we will send your plans into the factory to be confirmed. Once any revisions are sent back, and you have fully approved your order, our sales manager will create your contract and your house will be ordered! 

We now feature financing for Site Servicing!

Ask our sales team today about Payment Plan options

When you purchase a new SRI Home, your first year of Homeowner’s Insurance is paid for by SRI Homes.

Your All Risk Policy covers building, outbuildings and personal property against losses at replacement cost.

This policy also includes:

– Fire

– Sewer Backup

– Hail / Windstorm

– Accidental Death Protection

– $2,000,000 Comprehensive Personal Liability Coverage

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