Christmas Angel Program | Dec 17, 2019

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Dec 2, 2019

The Christmas season started early here at Gordon’s Homes, and we welcomed it with open arms!

We were proud to participate this year in an incredible initiative through Volunteer Nanaimo, called the Christmas Angel program. The organization’s program matches anonymous donors with families, seniors and youth in need during the holiday season. Neither party is aware of each other’s identities – the Angel is presented with a list of items that their sponsored family or individual needs and they head out shopping! Donated items range from essentials such as toiletries and clothing, to toys, books, puzzles and games for all ages.

In addition to the ‘Angel Brigade’ of individuals who adopt a family – local businesses and other members of the community donate gifts and monetary donations to aid in the cause, with every dollar donated being spent locally and entirely on items for the sponsored individuals and families. This year, an anonymous donor from Vancouver had donated more than just the simple shopping list – they sent a truck full of toys, bikes, books, and clothing for Nanaimo’s youth! This is where we come in. Gordon’s Homes Sales sponsored local company Trash2Go to head over to Vancouver, pick up the toys, and bring them back here in time for Christmas. Once these fantastic Christmas helpers arrived in Nanaimo, we were on site to help unload the mountain of toys.

We were incredibly humbled to be a part of the Christmas Angel initiative this year, and look forward to working with this program in the future. Sometimes even the smallest gift can mean the world to someone, and it was important for us to be a part of bringing the Christmas spirit to those in need.

For more information on the Christmas Angel program, or other events through Volunteer Nanaimo, please visit . For more information about Trash2Go and their services, please visit


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